The ability to make and receive calls via the internet

VoIP for business - The ultimate telecommunication solution

Every business requires a reliable and cost-effective telecommunication solution for the making and receiving of telephone calls. Telecommunication is the cornerstone of your business. VoIP solutions can be implemented to your existing legacy Telephone system. A complete VoIP Solution is required to benefit from all the features and functionality. An IP PBX or a Hosted (Cloud) PBX will provide advanced features and functionality that is not possible with a legacy PBX system. Reliable internet connections (Fibre and wireless) broadband is used to optimize your Telecommunication solutions.

Reliable and cost-effective

Hosted (cloud) PBX is a sophisticated voice solution designed specifically for small and medium-size business. Our Voice over broadband offers competitive rates on calls and free inter-branch traffic with true per second billing, which translates to significant reductions in your monthly telecommunication expenditure when compared against the regular Telkom tariff rates.


VoIP implementation is cost effective and easy to install without any impact on your business telecommunications


Expand as your business as you grow, pay only for what you need.


VoIP provides a cost-effective solution that will improve communication and productivity.


VoIP solutions provide you with the functionality to work from anywhere. The ultimate solution for any business.

Reduce Cost

VoIP Call rate is less expensive than standard call rates.


VoIP Cloud PBX systems are very reliable and reduce your business downtime.