The fastest mobile speed measured in South Africa – 196Mbps

MyBroadband’s latest controlled drive tests show that Rain recorded the highest mobile speed in South Africa in the past two months – 196Mbps.Over the last two months, MyBroadband conducted over 217,000 mobile speed tests around South Africa.These tests were conducted using high-end LTE smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 devices, and a custom version of the MyBroadband Android Speed Test App.High-end smartphones like the Galaxy S9 can take advantage of the latest mobile network technologies which are rolled out by local operators.These network technologies include 256 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (256QAM), 4G carrier aggregation (CA), and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antennas.Thanks to these advances, real-world mobile speeds in South Africa are now peaking close to 200Mbps.Equally impressive is the average mobile download speed for the country, which at 25.1Mbps is faster than most fixed-broadband connections.

Source: The fastest mobile speed measured in South Africa – 196Mbps

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