Hosted PBX Scalability

Is your business growing, changing and evolving? For most businesses, it has become nearly impossible to make accurate predictions. That is why you need a highly-flexible solution. Khulumani’s VoIP Hosted PBX is a sure way to give you the peace of mind that comes from not being constrained by a phone system that only supports a fixed number of employees and can be costly and complicated to expand.

Presence and visibility

Hosted PBX system allows you to get local phone numbers in cities and countries anywhere in the world. This allows your business to develop your virtual presence by opening a virtual office anywhere. If you want to keep your original numbers, you can simply port it to us. All-in-one Solution to simplify your communications.

Unified Communications

Hosted PBX offers a single powerful set of Unified Communication features at a really affordable price. Simply pay one low price and get full control. features that not only save you money from your monthly bill, but they also help to increase productivity by saving time. Streamlining workflow, capturing essential voice data, and making your operation more efficient.

Hunt Group / Ring Groups

Ring groups: Ring a group of phones based on the number dialled. Ring groups can be a group of phones that ring all at the same time or be distributed to one at a time.

Call Center Features

When all available agents are busy in the call centre, calls will be queued and distributed to the next available agent.

Voice Mail Features

Password Protected Voicemail: Secure access to voicemail. Personal Voice mail greetings for when you are Busy or if not answered. Voice Mail messages can be emailed to you in a .wav file.

Extension Management

Access to your profile and allows you to modify your preferences.

Media Management

Music-on-Hold, Customise your Digital Receptionist Recordings, Customise voicemail messages.

Voice Call Recording

Record all voice calls securely (optional)

Calling Features

Caller ID/On Call Waiting: Know who’s calling before you answer.

Call Forwarding: Redirect calls to your mobile or other phone so you don’t miss any calls.

Follow Me: This function allows you to route your call to another extension

Dynamic Call Routing: This will route the call based on the calling party’s caller ID.

Call Hold: Put a call on hold while you answer another call, Caller on hold will be listing to music on hold or custom recordings

Call Transfer: Transfer call to any other user or external number.

Call Conferencing: Establish calls to multiple parties and join a group call function.

Call Waiting: A notification to indicate that someone else is calling you while you busy on a call.

Do Not Disturb: Prevent been interrupted while you are busy or in a meeting. Calls can be routed to Voice Mail or to someone else.

Call Logs: Detail records of all calls made and received for every telephone user.


Digital Receptionist (IVR)

Multi level IVR menu management

Manage multiple IVR menus for different Inbound DIDs

Day and Night Mode Schedule: Create different greetings according to time of day and day of week

Custom Greetings: Upload third-party professional greetings to use as Digital Receptionist greetings

Work with one VoIP Partner instead of multiple vendors

Most traditional PBX deployments involve multiple relationships with multiple vendors that all must be managed by someone in your organization. If something does go wrong with your PBX, it can be difficult to determine which of the vendors is responsible for resolving an issue.

When you choose a Hosted PBX, managed VoIP solution, you only work with one VoIP provider who supplies and looks after the entire solution. This is beneficial because your internal resources are freed up to focus on more strategic operations, you have one vendor to call for help.


Sample Detail Call Report

Call Start

Caller ID




Bill Sec



03/03/18 15:16+27872367722 2020027212004000250NO ANSWERZAR0.00000
02/03/18 19:31+27872367722 20000272120040002518ANSWEREDZAR0.25500
02/03/18 19:29+27872367722 2000027212004000283ANSWEREDZAR0.04250
02/03/18 19:24+27872367722 2000027212004000313ANSWEREDZAR0.04250
02/03/18 18:37+27872367722 20100272120040004839ANSWEREDZAR0.55250
02/03/18 18:35+27872367722 20800272120040006259ANSWEREDZAR0.00000
02/03/18 18:34+27872367722 2080027212004000312ANSWEREDZAR0.02833
02/03/18 18:33+27872367722 2050027212004000313ANSWEREDZAR0.04250
02/03/18 18:23+27872367722 20800272120040002216ANSWEREDZAR0.22667
02/03/18 18:19+27872367722 21000272120040009780ANSWEREDZAR0.60000
02/03/18 18:18+27872367722 2120027212004000342ANSWEREDZAR0.02833
02/03/18 18:17+27872367722 2020027212004000356ANSWEREDZAR0.08500
02/03/18 18:06+27872367722 20300272120040002911ANSWEREDZAR0.15583
02/03/18 18:05+27872367722 2050027212004000140ANSWEREDZAR0.00000
02/03/18 18:05+27872367722 2070027212004000119ANSWEREDZAR0.06750
02/03/18 17:52+27872367722 2020027212004000508496ANSWEREDZAR7.02667
02/03/18 17:52+27872367722 2010027212004000213189ANSWEREDZAR2.67750
02/03/18 17:40+27872367722 21000272120040006763ANSWEREDZAR0.00000
02/03/18 17:37+27872367722 200002721200400000FAILEDZAR0.00000
02/03/18 17:24+27872367722 20000272120040002420ANSWEREDZAR0.00000

Call Graphs

5 Users

Standard Hosted PBX
R 300 / month
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Center Features
  • Automated Attendent

15 Users

Standard Hosted PBX
R 690 / month
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Center Features
  • Automated Attendent

5 Users

Advanced Hosted PBX
R 470 / month
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Center Features
  • Automated Attendent
  • Detail Call Records
  • 80 Hours Voice Recording

15 Users

Advanced Hosted PBX
R 1090 / month
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Ring Groups
  • Call Center Features
  • Automated Attendent
  • Detail Call Records
  • 200 Hours Voice Recording
Advance Queue Reporting
Advanced Call Reporting (Analytics)
Basic Queue Reporting
Call Blind Transfer
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding On Busy
Call Forwarding On No Answer
Call Hold
Call Park
Call Pickup
Call Queues
Call Recording
Call Transfer
Caller ID
CDR (Call Details Records)
Conference Call
Direct Inbound Dial (DID)
Directory BFL List
DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
Do Not Disturb
Dynamic incoming routes ✓
Email to Fax
Extension Groups
Extension Monitor
Find Me Follow Me
Group Hunts
Handsets (Desktop & Cordless)
In Queue Call Routing
In Queue Music and Messaging
Incoming Call Options
Inter-Branch Free Calling
Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)
Intercom Paging
IVR (Multiple IVR)
Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)
Music On Hold
Music On Transfer
Outgoing Caller ID Control
Personal Extension Settings
Pickup Groups
PIN code Dialing (PBD)
Queue Announcements
Remote Access
Remote Agents
Search Capabilities
Softphone (Generic)
Speed Dial
User Label
Voicemail Greeting (Custom)
Voicemail to Email
Working Hours Functionality

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